Nut Splitters
Nut Splitters
Product Introduction
Nut Splitters
Product Name : Nut Splitters
Product No : HNS1294-HNS5060
  • Compact design used in confined space with enough force to split the rusted nuts.
  • All models feature a rugged one-piece cutting frame coupled to heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder.
  • Specially designed "tool steel" cutter blade cuts the nut to the precise point where it cracks.
  • Unique angled head design to keep full contact with the nut being penetrated.
  • Unique angled cutter blade with radius to have the greater resistance to cutting and breaking nuts.
  • 5 popular models applicable to cover the most range of nuts.
Model No.Hexagon Nut RangeBolt RangeCapacityOil CapacityWeight
(mm) (mm) (Ton) (c.c.) (kg)
HNS1924 19-24 M12-M16 10 18 2.6
HNS2432 24-32 M16-M22 15 40 3.6
HNS3241 32-41 M22-M27 20 68 5.5
HNS4150 41-50 M27-M33 35 150 11.2
HNS5060 50-60 M33-M39 50 250 15.1
Note: The hardness of Nut Material must not excess HRc-44.
Should not be used on stainless steel nuts and/or square shape nuts.
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